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Hope does not arise from being told to “Think Positively”… Hope, unlike optimism, is rooted in unalloyed reality… Hope is the elevating feeling we experience when we see – in the mind’s eyes – a path to a better future. Hope acknowledges the significant obstacles and deep pitfalls along that path.

Adults talking in chairs

Psychotherapy for Adults

As we go through life our mind faces different challenges that come from within and outside us. The mind's role is to build coping mechanisms that are able to successfully deal with these challenges. However, the same mechanisms that have served us well at some point in our life, may come to interfere with the capacity to enjoy life fully. Then the future may no longer seem hopeful or exciting but fraught with anxiety or fear. When this occurs, seeking therapy may change the trajectory of your life.

Psychotherapy for Children

Parents strive to provide their children with a nurturing and caring environment, but there are variables that are out of parents’ control, such as "difficult child temperament" or personal health problems, losses, or traumas. These can negatively affect the child's environment and their relationship with their parents. As a result, at times, children can experience overwhelming feelings that are externalized in different ways. These can present as oppositional behaviors, withdrawal, high anxiety, depression etc. When this happens, therapy can be of great help to the entire family.

Therapist speaking to an adolescent. Both sitting in chairs

Psychotherapy for Adolescents

Adolescence is a time in which a person experiences many changes from a physical, cognitive and emotional perspective. This undoubtedly represents a great challenge, making adolescence a time in which a person is more vulnerable to psychological distress.

Support Groups for Parents

Parenting can be a rewarding yet complex and difficult experience, especially for new parents. I offer support groups for parents that provide a “holding environment” in which parents can feel safe to share their feelings, struggles and knowledge.

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